An Interconnected Family

on Sunday 25, July 2010

In Ephesians 2, Paul talks about the unique organism that is the body of Christ.  Have you ever tried to analyze why and how God chooses to join people together?  Why is it so important to Him that we are connected, and what is that connection supposed to produce?

The Apostle Paul knew all about the challenges of diversity and connection.  He was a Jew with Roman citizenship.  He was called of God to preach the gospel to the Gentiles and bring two feuding cultures together into one functioning, healthy, and powerful body of Christ, ”making of two one new man!”

God is still doing this today.  He takes us from varied walks of life (often different cultural and historical backgrounds), and causes us to be joined together in one grand edifice – fitly framed and carefully joined to each other.  Then he delights to come by His Spirit and dwell in this awesomely diverse temple that he has constructed.  Amazing!!

The freedom he has to move and function through this body depends on our willingness to be connected together, not only on Sundays as we come together to worship, but also at a much deeper and more personal level of care for one another.  A disjointed body is of no use to him.  But a group of believers who overcome their differences by committing to one another, and joined by the Holy Spirit in one heart and one purpose, can turn the world upside down.