And His Name Shall Be Called Wonderful

on Sunday 27, December 2009

There are so many awesome names given to our Lord Jesus Christ, but none are as beautiful as “Wonderful.”  This word in the Hebrew actually means, “A Miracle!”  So, whenever we speak his name, Wonderful, we are speaking of His miracles.

Webster’s dictionary defines miracle as “an event or action that apparently contradicts known scientific laws; a remarkable thing; a wonderful example.”  Jesus was all about miracles.  Nothing about his birth, his life, or his death and resurrection were confined to the scientific laws of nature – laws he himself had established.  He was not governed by them nor did he need to submit to them.  He overruled them and ruled over them. 

When Jesus came, he came to contradict all earthly laws and human systems and in their place establish his wonderful, miraculous Kingdom of life, where nothing is impossible.  His birth was miraculous.  He walked on water, he multiplied food, he healed the sick with a touch and a word, and he raised the dead.  His miraculous life brought life!

The restrictions of our human condition and need no longer exist.  He is a God of wonders.  Do you need a miracle?  Speak his name, ‘WONDERFUL,’ and invite this miracle working Jesus to bring his life-giving work into your heart this Christmas.