August 4, 2019

on Sunday 4, August 2019

One of our greatest human challenges is how we see ourselves in the light of God's grace. This is a critical balance. In Romans, the apostle Paul exhorts us not to think of ourselves more highly than we should (not promoting ourselves or creating a false image of our importance), but to think of ourselves with honest, sober judgment. Ephesians 4:2 tells us to be humble, but in the next breath Paul lists all the exalted gifts and ministries that have been given to us so that we can attain the fullness of God. 

The average believer constantly struggles with this balance of feeling worthless, knowing the mistakes we've made and continue to make. Yet we also know that we are saved by grace, that we are heirs with Christ as adopted sons and daughters with all the rights, privileges, and authority that comes to us because we are part of God's family.  

So how do our self-esteem and self-image issues play against this humility? How do we minister the Kingdom with authority from this humble position? I think Paul’s answer is maturity! We need each other to achieve this goal. We need the complete picture and character of Christ that he deposited in his body, the Church. The Church keeps us humble while at the same time giving us the balance, acceptance, and joy of being a part of God's great plan.