Becoming a New Creation

on Sunday 8, August 2010

The transformation of our post-salvation nature is a challenge.  In Ephesians 4 and Colossians 3 the Apostle Paul exhorts the early church to be transformed, to put off the old sinful habits and way of living and to put on Christ and his mind, his way.  He says, "Don’t live like the Gentiles, in the futility and confusion of their thinking and their dark hopelessness."  Yet everyday we are bombarded by the world’s evil ways and twisted thinking.  How can we overcome and fight against this humanistic tide, and be victorious, pure and holy in a corrupt world?  How can we be transformed ourselves and then transform the world around us?

First, we are instructed to ‘put on Christ’ daily, allowing his mind to become ours by replacing our way of thinking.  As we look into the mirror of the Word of God, we are able to adjust our lives to conform to His sinless life and nature.  Second, we must crucify our old habits and ways of living, (our actions and reactions).  Third, we must connect with other believers and submit to those whom God has set over us to train, encourage and assist us in this transformation.

We cannot do this alone.  Submitting to one another allows us to grow up into healthy Christians.  It’s all part of God’s plan to transform not only us individually, but also the rest of mankind.  Together we are the salt of the earth.  Together we are the light of the world.  "Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and transformed lives and give glory to God."