Everlasting Joy

on Sunday 5, September 2010

I love Isaiah 61 and the beautiful picture that it paints of a change of season for the believer.  I recently heard someone describe this passage as Jesus’ Mission Statement.  This was his task – the joy of his heart – to bind up every broken heart, to release every captive soul, to give sight to the blind, to supply beauty for ashes and joy for mourning, and to exchange our garments of despair for a royal cloak of praise and celebration.

He describes the restoration of a ravaged and devastated city and prophesies the return of healthy flocks and fruitful fields.  He declares the shame and disgrace of war and destruction would give way to prosperity.  “My people will receive a double portion and everlasting joy will be their portion.”

The prophet was referring to the coming of Jesus.  At the beginning of Jesus’ ministry he stood and declared, “Today, this scripture is fulfilled.”  He had come to restore and to give us an abundant life.  This realization should provide us with boundless joy!  The release from the pain of the past should provide us with a constant, never ending well of joy — extreme, uncontainable and hilarious joy.

This joy is available for you today.  Has your well been capped?  Have you been dining on desert sands?  This overflowing abundant well of the golden oil of joy is right beneath your feet.  The Psalmist often admonishes us to 'sing for joy' and 'shout for joy.'  It’s yours.  Splash around in it today!