Hide and Seek

on Sunday 2, May 2010

The Scriptures often encourage us to seek the Lord, to seek his face.  Apparently this means more than a perfunctory nod in prayer over our early morning cup of coffee.  The word “seek,” by definition, implies a certain amount of intensity and effort.  Why does God hide himself?

“The Kingdom of Heaven is like a treasure hidden in a field,” Jesus said.  Proverbs 25:2 says, “It is God’s privilege to conceal things, and kings’ privilege to discover them.”  Discovering God in new ways is both exciting and rewarding.  Who is he?  What is he really like?

It was said of Moses that the Lord spoke to him face to face, as a man speaks to his friend.  Yet Moses still needed to seek Him for specific instructions on how to lead and feed the people and how and when to go into battle.  It was not a given!

God’s initial covenant with his people was that if they sought him, he would be found.  Seeking God would result in strength, blessing, favor and visitation.  King David cried out, “When you said, ‘Seek my face, come and talk with me,’ my heart responds, ‘I will come, I will seek your face.”

Do you need answers?  Seek the Lord!  Are you weary, tired, discouraged?  Seek His face.  His promise still stands that if we seek him with our whole heart and our whole soul, we will find him.