Living As Children of Light

on Sunday 15, August 2010

The Apostle Paul often exhorts the churches under his care to stand in contrast to the world around them.  As the culture of our current society loses more of its moral direction and wanders further and further into the dark abyss of life without the knowledge of God, it would seem that it would become easier for the church to stand out. 

But changes do not happen overnight.  Without realizing it we can begin to look more like the world, think like the world, and even speak in the language of the world—picking up the negative sounds of darkness, crudeness, doubt, fear and unbelief.

Jesus did not withdraw from society.  When he went into a town or village, visited someone’s home, or even went to a party, he never conformed to the prevailing cultural trend.  Instead, he transformed the atmosphere into a place where the Kingdom of God could be released and miracles would happen. 

Before Jesus’ birth, the prophets foretold of great darkness and the light that would come into the world.  Today this light is in you!  As Christians our lives must stand out, not blend in.  The power, heat and intense brightness of the way we live and the words we speak must stand in stark contrast to everything around us.  By doing this, people will see Christ in us and be drawn irresistibly into the light of the Kingdom of Heaven.