Making Room for God

on Sunday 10, January 2010

Our desires and God’s desires are much the same for this New Year…that our hunger and capacity for him would increase.  HE MUST INCREASE!

Isaiah 54:2 exhorts us to enlarge the place of our tent, to broaden our habitation, and to make room.  I caught part of a TV show recently about people who hoard.  The conditions under which some people live were mind boggling. There houses were filled with stuff piled everywhere, which in most cases was an attempt to fill a vacancy in their lives.

This is a serious dysfunction, and yet I wonder if we are not perhaps guilty of the same malady. In many ways we fill our lives full of ‘stuff’—entertainment and distraction of all kinds.  And this stuff becomes a substitute for what we really need in our lives—more of God.

How can God increase in us and fill us with more of himself, if he is constantly having to step over the clutter in our lives to even begin to get closer to our hearts?  It’s time to clean house, Church!  We must rid ourselves of those things that we’ve allowed to take the place of our time with God.

In order for us to love the Lord with all of our heart, mind, soul, and strength, there are things that must go.  Ask God to show you where and how to unload the non-essential clutter.  Be ruthless!  Let’s make room for more of Him.