More of Him and Less of Us

on Sunday 3, January 2010

The new year is upon us!  My prayer and desire for 2010 is found in John 30:10:
”He must increase (become greater), and I must decrease (become less).”

Last week our Pastor talked about the increase of the Kingdom of God, which is destined to fill the whole earth, permeate our society, and ultimately transform our world.  Jesus shall reign!

John the Baptist understood that in order for Jesus’ ministry to become the more prominent force, his ministry had to decrease.  I am sensing a shift in this coming year, where we cease from our own works and efforts in building the Kingdom, and instead enter into a place of rest.

By doing so we allow HIS power, HIS love and HIS authority to flow through us without  hindrance from our own anxious, fretful works and personal interference.  It’s all about Him after all.

How can God’s Kingdom increase in our lives and ministry?  Perhaps one way is for us to simply decrease – move out of the way, and allow Him to be seen.  This does not mean that we become passive or inactive — quite the opposite.  We must continue to work the works of Him who has commissioned us.  But allowing him to increase in us is going to result in less human effort and more of Jesus in 2010.