Nothing But Him

on Sunday 13, February 2011

At least seven times in Scripture, we are admonished to love God with all of our hearts.  Being whole-hearted clearly implies being without divided loyalties, compromise or mixture.  To love someone with your whole heart means to be exclusive.  Nothing or no one comes before the person we love.  They have the first place and receive first consideration in all that we are and do.

No wonder God continued to challenge his people to put nothing ahead of him.  He is jealous to take the absolute first place in our lives.  Jesus called this the first and the greatest of His commandments.  In 2 Chronicles 16:9, we are told that the eyes of the Lord are constantly searching the earth for those who are whole-hearted and firmly committed to Him, so that he can show himself strong on their behalf.

There are so many things vying for first place in our hearts and affections.  That is why the Word tells us to purposefully set our affections on things above – to consciously make a decision to put the Kingdom of God in the first place in our lives.  Loving God with all our heart and with our undivided affection brings contentment, peace and the unspeakable joy in knowing that we are totally and unreservedly His.