Redeemed and Restored

on Sunday 10, July 2011

Picture a beautiful upright piano, which over the years becomes a valuable family heirloom.  Time passes and this beautiful instrument is shuffled from person to person, and as a result its value gradually decreases.  Instead of being used to play lovely music, it is banged on by unskilled hands and eventually ends up at a yard sale, where it is bought by someone totally unaware of its value. While loading it onto an old pickup, it is dropped, and when it reaches its destination, it is put out on a screened porch where the weather takes its toll.  In addition, some children draw on it with markers, while others discover if you pull hard enough, the ivory keys can come off.

Eventually one of the original heirs goes looking for this piano, and after a diligent search finds it and immediately purchases it in spite of its battered condition.  This instrument has just been redeemed.

Redemption takes but a minute...restoration takes time.  In order to restore this instrument to its original beauty and purpose, it must be stripped, refinished and restrung.  So the master goes to work on it with dedication and gentle care. Before long, it is once again playing beautiful music and bringing delight to all who hear it.  O Lord, restore our song, and let us rejoice in the power of Your redeeming love.