Redeeming the Time With God

on Sunday 17, January 2010

Time: We are all given the same amount—365 days a year, 12 months, 52 weeks.  And yet, time seems to get away from us.  Where did yesterday go?  What did I accomplish?  We work at our jobs, day in and day out, and yet sometimes the sense of really accomplishing anything eludes us.  Does what we do with our days really matter?  Are we making a difference in the earth or just marching through our allotted time?

Ephesians tells us to ‘redeem the time’, meaning to improve your time, to take advantage of the opportunities it affords.  We are now looking down the corridors of a new year, and perhaps feeling motivated to make this year significant for us, our families, and especially for the expansion of the Kingdom of God. So, how do we make that happen?  By putting first things first and making the main thing the main thing.

Jacob came to a crossroads.  He had embarked on a new direction for his life.  The scriptures tell us that he put everything aside and was alone with God.  He needed an encounter if he was going to survive, and  he was determined to not let this opportunity pass without a life change. 

Taking time to spend with God at the beginning of a new year is essential, just like taking time to meet with Jesus every morning establishes our course for the day.  MAKE TIME FOR GOD.  Seek him first.  Get alone with him, and allow him to prioritize your days and weeks.  He longs to be with you and fill your life with purpose.