Taking On His Name and Nature

on Sunday 30, January 2011

Being a disciple of Christ means not only taking on His name (Christian), but also endeavoring to take on his nature — to be a pure reflection of his life, love, compassion — and to walk with him in true holiness every day.  This is a tall order.  But, he has sent his Holy Spirit into our hearts to help us and to supply us with his transforming grace that makes it possible.

Who was Jesus, and how did he conduct himself when he walked the earth?  He was truly God and truly man.  In order to be his disciple and to take on his life then, I need to find this balance – how to be in the world but to conduct myself separate from the world – both salt and light.

Because Jesus’ only motivation was love, this is where we all must start.  Jesus was so saturated with love that it overflowed into everything he did and to everyone he touched.  He brought healing, forgiveness, compassion and peace.  People flocked to him because of the loving and gentle way he genuinely cared about them.

Even when Jesus brings correction, it is because his love compels him.  He will not leave us to struggle in our weakness, but lovingly prunes us so that we may grow.  His desire is that we would be conformed to his image and likeness – to be so full of love for him and one another that the world will know that we are truly his disciples.