The Passion of Our Founding Fathers

on Sunday 3, July 2011

What kind of person does it take to leave everything secure and familiar —nation, family, occupation—and strike out into the unknown simply for one all-consuming and overwhelming know God and worship Him?  This was the passionate desire of our founding fathers.  It took great courage, which was driven by even stronger faith.

The freedom to assemble and worship is one of our most precious rights, and one we so often take for granted.  And yet, this desire burned brightly in the hearts of every early pilgrim and every determined patriot.  Our nation was built on the backs of these stalwart soldiers of freedom.  Unfortunately, we have for the most part lost that zeal for God and country.  It is too often replaced with the worship of money, fame and success.

What is it that engages your passions?  Does any cause stir you enough to leave everything behind in order to attain that goal?  Jesus challenged His followers with stories of this kind of all-consuming commitment to find a lost sheep, a lost coin, a hidden treasure.  The Apostle Paul exhorted the early church to dedicate their hearts and lives to one thing know Christ and make Him known.  This is still our challenge today—to declare the Kingdom of God to our generation, who has so completely missed the mark.