Trusting the Hand of God

on Sunday 19, June 2011

I can still remember the day my grandfather pulled me onto his lap and I examined his hands.  I loved his hands.  They were rough, calloused and very strong.  His hands were a reflection of his life, since he was a carpenter by trade.  When you think about the hand of the Lord, what crosses your mind?  Nehemiah said he felt the gracious hand of God on his life.

If we were to truly become aware of God’s hand on our lives, we would see a loving heavenly Father whose hands provide, guide and protect us.  His hands are strong when we are faint or weak, capable when we are feeling ineffective or deficient, gentle and comforting when we are hurting, healing when we are sick, and encouraging when we falter.  His hands are creative and generous.  He loves to give us good things, and He rejoices over our pleasure in them. 

I once read a true story of a little girl who was lost in a storm.  Her father found her and, with one hand tightly holding hers and one hand on a barbed wire fence, guided her to safety.  What a picture of our heavenly Father.  His hands are pierced.  No hands have ever expressed more passion to save or heart of love to redeem and reconcile.  Thank you, Lord, for being such a wonderful Father.