Waiting For Strength

on Sunday 7, November 2010

I have heard it said that every problem we encounter is a spiritual problem—or perhaps it is better stated that it has a spiritual solution.  If our relationship with Jesus is healthy and current, we are better equipped to deal with life’s challenges.

Isaiah 40:29 says, “He (the God of the ends of the earth, who never tires) gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.”  Even young people become exhausted, but those who wait on the Lord renew their strength.  This word “wait” is not passive or inactive. The word literally means to bind or twist together in an attitude of expectation.

Much like a young tree needs to be tied to supports until its root system matures, we are strengthened by receiving support from our heavenly Father.  When a child is learning to stand, walk, or ride a bike, a loving father holds on, supports, and encourages.  Psalm 144:12 describes sons flourishing like well-tended plants under the care of a nurturing God. 

We never outgrow this need to be strengthened, even though we have a tendency towards self-sufficiency—wanting to stand in our own strength.  In my experience, the older we get, the more we need this beautiful twisting—the supporting and strengthening of the Holy Spirit.  The ultimate goal in our walk with the Lord is to be so fused together with him, that He literally becomes our strength.