Walking With Christ

on Sunday 29, May 2011

Is it really possible to live a Spirit-filled, Spirit-directed life?  Do you ever find yourself discouraged because you do not “feel” spiritual?  How can we truly be Kingdom representatives when we are so overwhelmed by life and the disorderly mess of struggling humanity all around us?  Let me give you some encouragement from Romans, chapter 8.

First, there is no condemnation to those who are in Christ!  A new power is in operation in us, and it’s called the ‘Spirit of Life in Christ.’  We don’t have to beat ourselves up or work up some human effort in order to “feel” spiritual each day.  If we are Christ’s, then He simply is, and He is at work in us.  We are actually under the control of the power of the resurrected Christ.  Think of it!  The Holy Spirit renews His commitment to be active and alive in us each morning as we meet with Him and acknowledge the abiding life of the Holy Spirit within us.

Put yourself into the hands of this living Christ each day and rejoice in the experience of becoming a portal of truth and light to the world around you, as you learn to allow the life of Christ to simply and powerfully live in you and through you.