God's Great Deliverance

on Sunday 3, February 2019

We have all experienced the great power of God to deliver or intervene in our lives. There is no mountain, obstacle, or challenge we face where he is not bigger and greater still. Our problem can be that when faced with yet another overwhelming situation, we too easily forget the deliverance of the last month or last year and become fixated on survival of our current challenge. Perhaps this is just human nature. 

There was a time in Israel's history when they were being threatened by the Philistines. They cried out to the Lord and he sent them a great deliverance. Then the prophet Samuel set up a stone and named it Ebenezer which means, “Thus far the Lord has helped us!”

They, and we, need to be reminded of times when God has delivered us. When Israel crossed the River Jordan into the promised land, they had already experienced 40+ years of miracles. Yet God kept telling them again and again not to be afraid or discouraged, because he was still with them to enable them to take possession of the vast land that was before them.

God's intervention into our lives is unlimited. He delights to save us, to provide relief and deliverance for us. We need only to ask. “You move the mountains...you make a way where there is no way...and I believe that you will do it again.”